Maisie Williams Launches Her Own YouTube Channel With An Impressive Game of Thrones Impression

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We've seen Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams in YouTube shows before, and I think she's pretty amusing in those videos. Now, the 18-year-old actress best known for playing Arya Stark in HBO's fantasy hit has just launched a YouTube channel. Williams first teased her video project a month ago with an Instagram photo showing her editing some clips on her Macbook:

Busy editing 4 u alllllll
A photo posted by @maisie_williams on Aug 7, 2015 at 10:16am PDT



In her new four and a half-minute clip called Welcome to my Channel, the star takes time to answer several fan questions, confirms she has a boyfriend, shares a couple of Game of Thrones spoilers, and does a spot-on impression of Ygritte dying in Jon Snow's arms. You'll also see a glimpse of GoT cameo. Watch the video below


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