Maisie Williams Drops Chilling Hint About Jon Snow's Fate in Game of Thrones

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Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark, has dropped a chillint hint about Jon Snow's fate in Game of Thrones Season 6, which will premiere on HBO this April.

"It was awful, it was really awful and I feel so sad about it," she said of Jon Snow's apparent death in season five, in a red carpet interview at the London Film Critics' Circle Awards. "And I feel so mean 'cause I speak to people and they're like 'Jon Snow, is he back?' and it's really heartbreaking. There's a great twist, but I can't say he's gonna be alive," Williams said nervously.

She can't say he's gonna be alive? Did she mean that she's not allowed to say whether or not he's alive? Or did she mean that Kit Harrington's character will return in Season 6 but just in a flashback or as a ghost? Or she knows that Jon Snow will be resurrected but she won't say? This quote could be interpreted in different ways. Do you think Jon Snow will return in Season 6 alive? You can read about how Jon Snow might be resurrected here.

Game of Thrones Season 6 will premiere on April 24, 2016.

Via: Vanity Fair