Magneto Doesn't Look Too Mighty in New X-Men: Dark Phoenix Photo

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Michael Fassbender's Magneto is arguably the best part of the recent X-Men films that have come out. From having a stellar character arc in X-Men: First Class, to his dominant use of magnetism in Days of Future Past, and even his face turn in Apocalypse. However, things are looking awry for the Master of Magnetism, as the latest X-Men: Dark Phoenix photo shows him defeated and on the brink of being captured.

Revealed by Empire, we see Magneto in a crater surrounded by soldiers. It seems like he had a battle prior to his capture, due to the massive crater he is in. Whether it's a battle with Phoenix or something else entirely is unknown but it does add some intrigue to the latest X-Men film. At the least, it is somewhat surprising seeing the character defeated like this.


The Phoenix seems to be the likely culprit since Jean is expected to lose control and vent out her power on some of her teammates, resulting in a huge character death. Of course, it could also be a battle with Jessica Chastain's mysterious character, who has yet to be revealed, with some fans theorizing that she will be a Skrull or a Super Skrull.

What caused Magneto to be this weak and vulnerable? Fans can find out when X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters on November 2, 2018.

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