Magic: The Gathering Website MTGSalvation is Closing This July

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Wizards of the Coast

The popular Magic: The Gathering forum website MTGSalvation has announced that it will be closing on July 8, 2019.


"Our owners have expanded on to other projects, launching such epic endeavors as D&D Beyond," long-time MTGSalvation member/staff member Feyd Ruin explained with the announcement. "As these have taken off, the development team has shifted focus and simply does not have the time and resources for us that we require. They can simply no longer justify the development, infrastructure, and maintenance costs of the site compared to their other projects."

Over the years, MTGSalvation became the go-to site for new Magic: The Gathering spoilers. Its online Magic community drew many players as it provided many threads about deck-building, strategies, and they even held creative writing competitions that I became part of. The website may be shutting down soon but for those who want to continue with the community, the MTGSalvation staff are building a new home. According to Feyd, they're "creating a new home for our community. Moreso, we will have the freedom to innovate and create."

It's sad to see that one of the biggest MTG online communities is shutting down their website. I remember spending hours as a forum member of the site and it was the #1 resource for all things Magic: The Gathering.

Did you become a part of the MTGSalvation community?

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