Magic: The Gathering Theros Beyond Death Booster Box Revealed

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The next Standard-legal Magic: The Gathering expansion, Theros Beyond Death, won't be released until January but Wizards of the Coast has already revealed a few details about it, including the descriptions of the Theros Beyond Death products that will be available early next year. The company also revealed what the Draft Booster box will look like, confirming that Elspeth Tirel is the face of the forthcoming expansion.

The Wizards Play Network website revealed the upcoming Theros Beyond Death products, and it shows our first look at the Draft Booster box. Check out the photos below:

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast
Better view of Theros Beyond Death booster box

The new information also confirms that Theros Beyond Death will also have Theme Boosters and Collector's Boosters just like the latest Magic set, Throne of Eldraine.

As you can see, the packaging for Theros Beyond Death features Elspeth Tirel wearing a golden mask as the story of the forthcoming set will feature the Underworld of Theros, and the return of Elspeth. In the Journey into Nyx story, Elspeth died after Heliod, the God of the Sun of Theros, fatally wounded her with his weapon.

The first Theros block is included in the new Pioneer format. If you're excited to play Pioneer, we invite you to join our Pioneer Facebook group.

Magic: The Gathering Pioneer Players Private group · 874 members Join Group A group for Magic: The Gathering Pioneer Format discussion, news, deck tips, strategy, rules help, memes and more! For general MTG discussion, post he...

p>Theros Beyond Death, the 83rd Magic: The Gathering expansion, is set to release on January 24, 2020.

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