Magic: The Gathering Pro Makes A Huge Misplay With Final Payment and Captive Audience

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The first Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship of the year kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio today, and one big misplay involving Final Payment and Captive Audience was caught on video. 

During the first Booster Draft round of the Mythic Championship, Francisco Sanchez manage to cast Captive Audience, a curse-like enchantment that forces your opponent to choose one of the three negative effects on their upkeep, so his opponent Tom Ross was in trouble because of this card. 

However, Tom Ross drew an answer: Final Payment, because the Instant Orzhov card would allow him to sacrifice the Enchantment that's under his control so he can get erase Sanchez's powerful Rakdos win condition.


Sadly, Ross did not see this line of play and instead, he chose to sacrifice one of his creatures to kill one of Sanchez's creatures, so Captive Audience remains in play so Sanchez probably won that one. 

It's pretty surprising to see Ross make that mistake since he's the kind of player who usually thinks outside the box. This has to be one of the most epic Magic misplays we've seen on camera but it's not as terrible as Yam Wing Chun's epic misplay from Pro Tour Hour of Devastation in 2017

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