28 Mar 2019 1:07 PM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering Pro Gerry Thompson Lost to An Awkward Time Rule at Mythic Invitational

Wizards of the Coast

Today, the first-ever Magic: The Gathering Mythic Invitational is happening at PAX East, and one of the fan-favorite Magic pro players Gerry Thompson already lost the first round against fellow Pro Tour Champion Wyatt Darby but the way he lost surprised fans watching it on Twitch.tv/magic.

Just watch how it happened:

As you can see in the clip above, on their third game, Thompson lost because he had less life than Warby when time ran out, and the way it abruptly happened made a lot of viewers wonder what the hell just happened. Usually, in big Magic: The Gathering tournaments, when time runs out, five additional turns are added and if no one has won after those turns, then it's considered a Draw no matter who has more life. However, the rules and format for this Magic Arena Mythic Invitational are clearly different and some fans are not happy with it.

For many players, life is considered a resource and many strategies, especially Control decks, sacrifice life to buy time to pull off their game-winning strategies, but for the Mythic Invitational, someone must win the match because of its double-elimination structure. It would probably be more fun to watch them play out the entire match instead of determining the winner by life totals.

Watch the Mythic Invitational from March 28 to March 31 at twitch.tv/magic.


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