Magic: The Gathering MCQ Winners Are Having GoFundMe's & Brian Kibler is Donating

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Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship IV is taking place in Barcelona next month but some Mythic Championship Qualifier winners can't afford to travel to Spain so they started GoFundMe campaigns to help find the funds they need to make their dreams come true because Wizards of the Coast no longer guarantees a plane ticket for the winners.

One of them is a 16-year-old Brazilian MCQ winner Pedro Oriani, who started selling his "not-so-big" collection so he can afford to buy the ticket but his friend suggested to start a Gofundme campaign with the goal of €1,600 goal. At this time of writing, €1,405 was raised with still 5 days to go so he will most likely reach his goal. "Coming from a not very wealthy family in Brazil, being under age and with the bad economic situation the country is in, me and my parents can't afford to pay a plane ticket to Barcelona this time of the year, and it seems wizards is not allowing for deferrals neither," Oriani wrote on his Gofundme campaign.

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Credit: GoFundMe

There are a few others on Gofundme who need donations to make it to Barcelona but thankfully, Hearthstone streamer Brian Kibler is offering to donate to all of them.


Over on Twitter, Kibler addressed the removal of flights for MCQ winners and their GoFundMe's: "I've heard a lot of rumbling around the Magic community about the removal of flights for MCQ winners and people posting GoFundMe's to raise funds for their event expenses," Kibler wrote. "Regardless of how I feel about the shift away from WotC paying for flights, I empathize with chasing dreams."


Kibler went on to ask people to link him to legit MCQ fundraisers so he can donate to all of them: "When I was a fifteen-year-old kid and first qualified for the pro tour, my mother helped pay for my travel I know many people don't have that privilege, so link me the legit Mythic Championship fundraisers you know and I'll donate to all of them.

I'm glad that the Kibler and the generous Magic community are supporting the MCQ winners who can't afford to travel and achieve their dreams. Last month, we shared a story of an MCQ winner who received a generous donation from an anonymous person in a game shop in Michigan. You can watch the video clip below:

The Power of Community

Watch our new Magic Arena video below:

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