Magic: The Gathering Leak Reveals Unannounced Dominaria Set From 2023

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It seems that Amazon recently listed a brand new Magic: The Gathering product ahead of time. As pointed out by Wargamer, the new product is called Dominaria Remastered, and apparently, it's set to release on January 13, 2023.

Dominaria MTG
Credit: Wizards of the Coast
Dominaria MTG

Wizards of the Coast haven't officially announced this product, so details, contents of the set, and artworks are still being kept under wraps. However, the listing reveals that there will be a Draft and Collector booster boxes available, and according to pre-order prices, a Draft booster box costs $192, which puts it in line with sets like Modern Horizon in terms of pricing, as opposed to the latest Masters set.

It's also worth noting that, unlike a Masters set, a booster box of Dominaria Remastered seems to contain 36 Draft boosters. Dominaria Remastered booster boxes are reportedly priced at $291, which is similar to the pricing of Masters Collector boosters per box. Of course, as with all pre-order pricing, prices are subject to change before the product is officially released.

Time Spiral Remastered, the first paper Remastered set, released in 2021, offered a Masters-style experience, but limited to only pulling from a single MTG block: Time Spiral. At this point, it's still unclear what cards will be featured in Dominaria Remastered since Dominaria was just one set.

Dominaria was a single set, not a block, so a remaster of one set sounds a little pointless. Thus, we can Occam’s Razor this to expect this to likely pull from all sets and cards previously taking place on the plane of Dominaria. We’re talking classic blocks like Ice Age, Invasion, and more! This lines up a bit with something designer Gavin Verhey had said a few months back, about a desire to make an “Invasion Remastered”, but the lack of exciting reprints made that prospect difficult.


Additionally, the domains and (and their other top-level domains) were known to be registered by WotC all the way back in 2021.

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Wizards Presents is set for Thursday, Aug 18, and Wizards of the Coast is expected to reveal the full 2023 release schedule for Magic: The Gathering.