Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Helped Create Original Playmat For Charity

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Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater and Redditor Krauserkrauser teamed up to offer playmats and prints of Rosewater's "Look at Me I'm the DCI" artwork to benefit the charity of his choosing.

I did a thing with Mark Rosewater for Charity

"All profits from the sale of products illustrated by Mark will benefit the school and their mission of interest based education," the description on the Originalmagicart store reads. The school they're referring to, according to Krauser, is the Highline Big Picture High School, who are working hard to deliver interest-based education.

After a few months of conversations between Krauser, Mark Rosewater, Wizards of the Coast, and UltraPro, the playmats are finally selling like hotcakes. According to Krauser, the initial print run of 50 playmats sold out in just 90 minutes! He recently put a rush order to UltraPro for more playmats. You can get them on this link by clicking here.

Rosewater's art is from an Un-card he made, and it's more comedic than fine art but the playmats come with his signature, and it's for a positive cause. You can get a playmat for $40 each and they're currently taking back orders since the initial print was sold out.

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