Magic: The Gathering Commentator Opens A Black Lotus (Sort Of) During Grand Prix Las Vegas Coverage

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Magic commentator Rich Hagon pulled a black Lotus out of a bag during the broadcast of Grand Prix Las Vegas this weekend but it's not the $5,000+ Magic card you'd expect; it was a Hot Wheels toy car.

Who doesn't love a goofy gag? It's nice to see a silly moment like this in a big competitive event like the Grand Prix. Everyone seems to play the role to perfection. While Gaby Spartz seems to be unsure what's happening, Magic pro player Luis Scott-Vargas is having none of it as he shows a deadpan face that reminds us of the moment the US team was defeated in the Magic World Cup 2012.

First printed in 1993, the Black Lotus is the most expensive card in the game's history and it's being used in one of the game's eternal formats, Vintage. However, the Hot Wheels black lotus is not playable in any Magic format.

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