01 Mar 2019 1:56 PM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering Artist Tony DiTerlizzi Reveals The Faces Behind Some Old School Cards

Wizards of the Coast

Over the years, artist Tony DiTerlizzi had created some wonderful artworks for Magic: The Gathering, and although he doesn't work for Wizards of the Coast anymore, fans will always remember his exaggerated and expressive art style, and it turns out that DiTerlizzi's wife and friends helped him bring the fantastic characters to life.

Over on Twitter, DiTerlizzi shared some old photos from the 1990s of his wife and friends posing for the art he painted while living in New York City. Cards like Coercion, Nether Shadow, Frozen Shade, Sea Spirit, Venomous Breath, Skyshroud Troopers, and Exhaustion were illustrated with the help of DiTerlizzi's wife and friends.

Check out the tweet below:


It's cool to see that the model for Coercion is dressed up for reference, and the one for Exhaustion looks fascinating as well. The model for Sea Spirit looks hilarious and the one for Venomous Breath just looks strange.

What do you think about DiTerlizzi's photos?

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