Magic: The Gathering Arena NDA Drops March 22 With A New Major Update

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Image: MTG Arena

Some people in the Magic: The Gathering community were given a chance to play the beta version of MTG Arena, the Hearthstone-esque digital version of Magic, but the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) kept them from sharing their gaming experiences via streams online. However, the game's NDA is dropping this March 22, and content creators are encouraged to share their MTG Arena games on sites like Twitch.

Nate Price, the community manager for MTG Arena, announced that the NDA drop will come with a new major update. According to Price, the update will include "a collection reset, some visual polish updates, a slew of bug fixes, and the Amonkhet block card sets."

Wizards of the Coast will also provide support for content creators by giving them free content creator kits (available for download) that include "visuals, stream overlays, and a detailed best-practices guide with advice straight from well-known creators in the community" There will also be formalized programs aimed at helping content creators grow their audiences.

Watch the MTG Arena world premiere stream below:


More details about the update will follow before March 22, so stay tuned.

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