Mad Max: Fury Road Prequel May Already Have a Filming Setting and Focus

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Mad Max: Fury Road, the sci-fi, wasteland fantasy from last year starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron may already have its prequel further along than expected.

In a new report via Herald Sun, there are a few choice details that hint at what the prequel's story will be. The reception of Theron's Furiosa character had been unanimous that speculations for a prequel have pegged her as the main character as opposed to Hardy's Max.

The expected prequel for Mad Max: Fury Road may actually focus on Furiosa and her backstory. However, there's no detail yet on what exactly her story will be about.


The prequel, reportedly now in the pre-production stages, will see George Miller on the director's seat once again. What's more, the Australian director may have also pegged a setting for filming, which is in New South Wales. Specifically, it's supposed to be somewhere around Broken Hill, though details for this are also sparse.

As of writing, there's also a report that filming can start as early as this year. However, it should be noted that Miller previously revealed that he will be doing another movie from that franchise only when he's already done something else.

Mad Max: Fury Road was critically acclaimed and received numerous awards. Not only that, it garnered around $378 million in ticket sales worldwide.

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