Lycoris Recoil Cosplay Duo Recreate Favorite Scenes

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Lycoris Recoil Cosplay Chisato Takina

Lycoris Recoil continues to be one of this season’s surprise hits. And aside from cool promotional activities, fans are getting in on the fun by themselves as a Lycoris Recoil cosplay duo recreated some of their favorite scenes from the anime.

Recently, cosplay duo Yizhimiaomiao on BiliBili uploaded a video where the two cosplayers dressed up as Chisato and Takina. Instead of being a simple cosplay shoot, the two recreated some scenes from the series.

You can watch the video on their channel, while it has also been widely shared on other platforms, including Reddit:

The scenes that they brought to life include the cute moment in the opening where Chisato and Takina playfully kicked each other, along with the funny supercar conversation.


To end the video, the duo struck some action poses that emulate some scenes from the anime.

Their cosplay video got a great reaction on both BiliBili and Reddit, with fans praising their recreation

Aside from Lycoris Recoil, the duo also has other impressive cosplay videos, including a Call of the Night shoot and a Nier Automata video, among others.

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Lycoris Recoil (also known as LycoReco by fans) is an original anime series by A-1 Pictures that’s directed by Shingo Adachi and written by Asaura. The series stars Chika Anzai as Chisato Nishikigi and Shion Wakayama as Takina Inoue.


The anime is set in an alternate version of Japan that’s kept safe by “Lycoris,” an all-female group of spies and assassins who take down criminals and terrorists. Their existence and operations are unknown to the public.

The story follows Takina, a Lycoris agent who is demoted after disobeying direct orders. Because of this, she is assigned to work under Chisato, an expert Lycoris agent who has unusual methods as she refuses to take the life of criminals.

Takina and Chisato are opposites in terms of personality, but Takina must do her best to get along with Chisato if she wants to get her old position back.

LycoReco releases new episodes every week on Crunchyroll.

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