20 Nov 2017 11:49 AM +00:00 UTC

Luke Cage Season Two Has Finished Filming

The second season of Luke Cage, set after the events of The Defenders, has finished filming. We will be seeing the second season sometime in 2018, though no actual release date was given by Netflix. Since the series will be adding Iron Fist for a few episodes, fans are excited to see some Heroes for Hire elements in the latest season of the show.

Gabrielle Dennis, who portrays Tilda Johnson in the series, posted pictures from the second season's wrap up party. Some of the people included in the photos include Luke Cage himself Mike Colter, series creator Cheo Hodari Coker and much more. Now that filming is done, fans can expect to hear news about the second season soon.

Jessica Jones, the show Cage made his MCU debut in, finished shooting its second season earlier this year. Fans also found this out through social media, so it looks like fans will have a Marvel-filled Netflix in 2018. Disney plans on taking these shows once they reveal their new streaming service, so fans better enjoy these while they can.

Luke Cage can currently be streamed on Netflix. The second season will debut in the streaming service in 2018. Like the first season, it will be 13-episodes.

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