Lucasfilm Story Group Confirmed For Star Wars Celebration Orlando

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Star Wars actors, directors, writers, and fan icons will come together in this year's Star Wars Celebration at Orlando. In addition to the confirmed guests like Warwick Davis and Kathleen Kennedy, the convention's official website also confirmed that Lucasfilm's story group will also attend the event.

The story group makes sure that there is consistency in the Star Wars canon, and the members include:

Steve Blank – Lucasfilm Story Group
Leland Chee – Lucasfilm Story Group
Pablo Hidalgo – Lucasfilm Creative Executive
Matt Martin – Lucasfilm Story Group
Rayne Roberts – Lucasfilm Creative Executive

Back in 2012, Kathleen Kennedy formed the Story Group to abolish the franchise's previous heirarchical canon system. Many of the previously released books were considered non-canon, and now refferred to as "Star Wars Legends".

These Star Wars experts will probably share a lot of interesting information about where the franchise is heading. I'm looking forward to see the panels that they'll attend.

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