Lucasfilm Reportedly Releasing Backup Project to Replace Rogue Squadron

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The Star Wars franchise has been riding a huge wave of momentum thanks to the success of The Mandalorian which pretty much removed the bitter taste the sequel trilogy left in the mouths of diehard fans. Currently, Lucasfilm seems to be adamant about expanding its library on Disney+ but that's not to say that they're completely abandoning the movie industry because a new Star Wars film project is set for release in 2023.

Credit: Lucasfilm

The production company announced late last year that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins will be helming Rogue Squadron, a film that follows the story of a new generation of starfighter pilots, set in the future timeline, presumably post-Skywalker Saga. Unfortunately, it was revealed this week that Jenkins' project will have to be shelved indefinitely due to the director's other commitments.

Despite the discouraging development, Lucasfilm is still determined to push through with its planned film release slate for 2023. According to a discussion thread on Star Wars News Net's The Cantina section, Lucasfilm is currently developing a feature film based on The Old Republic and it serves as their backup plan following the delay of Rogue Squadron.

Twitter leaker Big Screen Leaks initially reported about Rogue Squadron's delay days before it was announced, claiming that the production company will indeed be dropping a new film in two years' time. However, it's not the project Taika Waititi or Kevin Feige are working on.

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Hopefully, Lucasfilm will still be able to get the ball rolling with Rogue Squadron but with Patty Jenkins' packed schedule, it's hard to tell when the supposed film project will begin to take shape. As for the possibility of an Old Republic film, we're still being kept in the dark regarding Disney's next move but with Disney+ Day just around the corner, it would be safe to assume that the project which will replace Jenkins' film will actually be announced.

Speaking of, Disney+ Day happens this Friday, November 12th.