Lucasfilm Executive Gives Burning Response To A Male-Only Screening Of The Last Jedi

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Alamo Drafthouse in Austin just recently declared that it would be hosting women-only Wonder Woman screenings and its announcement has resulted in a backlash from men online. Many have taken to social media to lambast Alamo Drafthouse's decision to hold the screenings, with one proposing an men-only screening of Star Wars as a response.

Taking to Twitter, writer and Pro-Trump Media Figure Jack Posobiec said that with the cinema doing women-only screenings for Wonder Woman, men ought to take charge and have "men only screenings of Star Wars. For the entire first week."

Jennifer Heddle, Lucasfilm's executive editor for fiction gave a burning response to Posobiec's Tweet saying that the women at the studio would still get to see the film before he did even if he could manage to get a men-only screening of The Last Jedi.

While it is true that Heddle and the rest of the 50% female executive team at Lucasfilm will get to see the highly anticipated sequel of The Force Awakens before anyone else, this shenanigans over gender-biased screenings have to come to an end. True feminism is about equality for all, so women, men and the LGBTQ all have the right to screenings of both Wonder Woman and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Wonder Woman premieres on June 2 while The Last Jedi comes flying into cinemas on December 15.

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