15 Nov 2017 7:39 PM +00:00 UTC

Lord Of The Rings Franchise Could Change With Purist Tolkien Estate Director’s Resignation

It looks like there might be changes for The Lord of the Rings now that J.R.R. Tolkien's 93-year-old son Christopher Tolkien has resigned from his place as the Tolkien Estate's director. Christopher has been a purist in dealing with the Lord of the Rings, treating his father's work with respect and care.

The former Tolkien Estate Director has been part of the decision making processes in handling his father's work and has always been very careful about selecting the people in control of telling stories in The Lord of the Rings universe and the things that they do within it.

However, it seems like Christopher's been working on his retirement for months. TheOneRing.net says Tolkien's son began stepping away from the Tolkein Estate back in August, and while it's taken months for a few legal issues to work out, it seems like Christopher's finally severed his involvement with the Estate.


Things have started to change since Christopher stepped down as director. Back when he was in charge of the estate, the only part of The Lord of the Rings that was ever sold was its movie rights back in 1969. After stepping down, the new director decided to sell the TV rights, sparking the deal between Amazon and Warner Bros. leading to the upcoming Lord of the Rings series.

It seems like there might be a chance that the Lord of the Rings universe could become an even bigger franchise in the future like how it did with Harry Potter.

However, while some fans might fancy the idea, purists like Christopher might not be all too happy thinking about the possibility of franchise expansion.

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