18 Nov 2015 2:56 AM +00:00 UTC

Lord of the Rings Co-Writer Philippa Boyens to Pen Young Merlin Movie

Disney has hired Philippa Boyens to write a film adaptation of The Merlin Saga, based on the book series by T.A. Barron. Deadline reported that the movie will feature a young Merlin just beginning to understand his magical abilities. Disney hopes to turn this into a Harry Potter-like blockbuster franchise, and intends to capitalize on Philippa Boyen's experience writing fantasy films.

Boyens is known for teaming up with Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh to write the Lord of the Rings films, as well as the Hobbit movies, King Kong, and The Lovely Bones. The upcoming Merlin movie will be her first big project apart from her New Zealand collaborators, but I think she definitely has the writing chops and experience to write The Merlin Saga. If this turns into a series with several films, Philippa Boyens could be busy for quite a while. Disney hasn't announced when the release window for the first film is, but it seems like they are taking some early first steps in the right direction.