Loki is Getting a New Ongoing Comic Book This July

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So much for stakes right? The first War of the Realms issue started out in a powerful manner by having Loki get eaten by his own father as he tried to motivate The Avengers to fight harder. Well, now we know that sacrifice was for nothing since Marvel.com just announced that a new Loki comic book series will be coming out in July.

Does anyone find it weird how death means nothing in comics? Like, seriously Marvel, you couldn't keep this a secret for two more months?


To be fair, a character as big as Loki would have never stayed dead for long as the character has cheated death more than once. This new series will be written by Daniel Kibblesmith, who wrote Deadpool vs Black Panther and have art from Oscar Bazaldua, who drew the gorgeous Rogue and Gambit mini-series.

Marvel is teasing a new status quo for the character, which will supposedly give him a new set of responsibilities. Thor was also teased, showing that he will likely survive War or the Realms and play a big part in this new comic series. It's not yet known if this Loki comic will be an ongoing or a mini-series but we can only hope that it's good.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Loki #1 is slated for a July release.


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