Logan’s Patrick Stewart Wants In On Deadpool 2 and Legion

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Patrick Stewart just can't seem to leave Charles Xavier behind.

Though the X-Men and Star Trek icon announced that he'd be retiring from his role as Professor X during Logan's world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival last month, Stewart said in an interview last week he was rethinking his decision because of Ryan Reynold's Merc with a Mouth.


Now, in an interview with The Late Late Show With James Corden, Stewart teases potential appearances not only in Deadpool 2, but in the X-Men franchise's Legion television series as well.

"The idea simply floated into my head there never will be a more perfect time, a more appropriate time than to say thank you and goodbye to this franchise. So I guess it is... However!" Stewart teased. "No. Somebody has mentioned Deadpool. It's not for me to say."

When asked about whether he'd like to appear in Legion, the series which stars Professor X's son, this is what Stewart says.

"Absolutely. One hundred percent."

The charming, old legend was probably rejuvenated by the reception of Logan, encouraging him to continue rolling around in a wheel chair as Professor X. The gritty and hard-hitting Wolverine film is definitely a game changer, and Stewart might want to stick around on set and see how the superhero genre evolves. Whatever the reason, it would definitely be a delight to see Stewart returning as the Professor.

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