Live-Action Mulan Finally Lands Its Director And Executive Producer

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Disney's live-action adaptation of the empowered animated classic, Mulan, has finally found its director.

Though Disney has yet to release any casting announcements for the live-action Mulan, the highly anticipated film already has a script, a 2018 cinematic release date and a new director. According to The Hollywood ReporterMulan has finally landed its director, Niki Caro.


Caro broke through the film industry by directing Whale Rider, a Maori family drama that was released back in 2002. She's worked with Disney on McFarland USA and has been praised for her work in the upcoming film The Zookeeper's Wife.

After Patty Jenkins, Caro will be the second female director to take on a film project that's budgeted at over 100 million USD. Though Disney had initially tried seeking out an Asian director for Mulan, it seems like the studio has been having trouble getting Asian directors due to their schedule with Ange Lee and JianWen passing up the offer.

Though they've finally settled on Caro as director, Disney continues to make sure that Mulan remains as culturally authentic as possible by having conversations with Chinese cultural consultants and bringing in Hong Kong-based producer Bill Kong as executive producer of the film. It looks like Disney's really working hard to get Mulan right.

Mulan lands in cinemas sometime in 2018.

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