Life is Strange Live Web Series Adaptation Confirmed

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Dontnod Entertainment's 2015 hit title Life is Strange is getting a live-action adaptation.

While there hasn't been a lot of details following the announcement, it appears that Square Enix has already been in talks with Legendary Digital Studios on where they can take the project.


Speaking to Metro, Life is Strange co-director and art director Michael Koch gave some hints as to what's been happening behind the scenes with the expected live-action project. The success of the game is undeniably one of the driving forces as to expansion from gaming to web screen.

"It's a really, really early part in the creative process. But we're really excited to see where this will be going… there are a lot of possibilities, because it will bring the world of Life Is Strange, the characters, to another audience. Because there are a lot of people who still don't play video games or sometimes just want to relax on their couch and watch a TV show or movie."

Koch sees the move as another way of bringing the story of Life is Strange to an entirely different audience. This could, in the end, bring more audiences to the gaming aspect of the franchise.

The co-director also shared the possibility that side stories or in-depth looks at the characters will also be made possible with a live-action adaptation.

I think this is a great way to expand Life is Strange. Just as gaming has its advantages as a medium of storytelling—giving players the power of choice and judgment—adaptations have their own upsides. For one, it's an entirely different platform that can extend the franchise on a more experimental field.

So far, the developer is calling the new project as a digital web series for Life is Strange. More details are expected later on.

This is another case of videogame turns TV (albeit web digital) series. Gaming fans have yet to see a truly good videogame adaptation, since some of them have not been exactly successful.

I'm personally waiting for Assassin's Creed, to see if the shift in platform will enhance or impair the franchise. Narrative-based games are always a rich ground for expansion, so hopefully, this pays off.

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