26 Oct 2015 9:29 AM +00:00 UTC

Lenin Statue Transformed Into Darth Vader in Ukraine

(Photo: NBC News)

Ukraine recently banned communist symbols in the country, including statues like Vladimir Lenin in Odessa. But rather than destroying the statue, local artist Aleksander Milov had an idea to transform the statue into Darth Vader!

The statue's new look includes Vader's helmeted head, replacing Lenin's, and extended his coat into Vader's signature cape. Vader's breathing apparatus was also added to front of the statue. According to RT, there's also a WiFi router hidden inside the helmet as a cool bonus.

There was a dedication ceremony that included Stormtroopers and a costumed Darth Vader pulling the curtain to reveal the Star Wars version of the statue while the Imperial March is being played over loud speakers.