LEGO Set Seemingly Spoils the Identity of the Villain for The Incredibles II

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One of the most anticipated movies for the summer is Disney Pixar's The Incredibles II, and though the latest trailer gives us a good look at the Parr family, we still have no idea who the villain is. As per Youtuber Jace Diehl, a LEGO set has seemingly spoiled the identity of the villain.

Check this out:

Based on some posters and other promo material, we find out that the villain is someone called ‘Screenslaver' and he probably has the power to control people's minds via television screens. A LEGO minifigure of Screenslaver actually comes with a removable face, and it reveals a smirk very close to Bob Odenkirk's character Winston Deavor.


With the trend of the latest Disney movies revealing that the villain is who you least suspect (Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, Frozen, Big Hero 6), I'm guessing that Deavor's reveal as Screenslaver will be some sort of red herring. Like the video also speculates, it's possible that the villain is actually Catherine Keener's character Evelyn Deavor, whose name is a homophone of ‘Evil Endeavor'.

Of course, everything here is still just speculation, so we should just wait for the movie to come out before we consider anything set in stone. Leave it to LEGO to leak early info about movies again.

The Incredibles II comes out June 15.

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