Legendary Star Wars Writer Opens Up About Troubles With Original Solo: A Star Wars Story Directors

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There might be a lot of excitement building up over Solo: A Star Wars Story but last year fans felt a lot of unease after Lucasfilm decided to part ways with original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Solo had already been deep into production when Lucasfilm announced that it had decided to fire Lord and Miller because of "creative differences" and not long after that the studio brought in Ron Howard to take direct the Star Wars spin-off in place of the 21 Jump Street directors.

Though much has already been revealed about Lucasfilm's working relationship with Lord and Miller, legendary Star Wars screen writer Lawrence Kasdan has just decided to open up about Solo's troubles and add in a few more details about the issues the studio had with the comedy directors.


"These movies are so gigantic, it is a little hard to identify exactly what moving part changes when there is a change of direction," Kasdan said in an interview with Empire Magazine. "But this movie had to go in a different direction. I'm a great believer that whatever preconceptions you have going into a movie, whatever resistance you might have, whatever excitement you may have because you're going to see a familiar character, all bets are off about three minutes into the movie."

Last year reports came out that Lord and Miller used too much improve working with the cast of Solo, and while Lucasfilm appreciates a little levity in its films, the studio felt like the two were turning the Star Wars spinoff into a full-on comedy instead of the space western origin movie that it's supposed to be.

Despite the shake-up, Howard's trailers for Solo have managed to assuage fan's worries over the upcoming spinoff and excitement is building up over Han Solo's standalone movie. Let's hope that Solo is as good as it seems to be in the film's trailers and TV spots.

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25.

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