27 Mar 2018 2:23 PM +00:00 UTC

Legendary Civil War Comic Book Writer Mark Millar Isn’t Going To Write For Marvel Or DC Again

Mark Millar might have made some memorable series for both Marvel and DC comics, but it looks like the legendary comic book writer's no longer interested in working with either of the two major comic book labels in the future.

A fan recently asked Millar on Twitter whether he was going to write something for DC again after years working on amazing comic book series like Superman: Red Son, but in his reply, Millar said that he's never ever going to "do DC or Marvel again."

According to the comic book writer, he's too busy working "full-time on staff creating TV shows, movies and comics for Netflix" and it looks like Millar "loves every pico-second of it."

Though Millar's created a lot of great stories for Marvel and DC like Civil War, Old Man Logan, and Red Son, it looks like the comic book legend's just a bit too happy working with Netflix.


Netflix acquired the Millarworld imprint back in August and part of the deal was that Millar would write new comics and produce new television and film projects for the streaming platform. This includes The Magic Order, a new comic book series that Millar announced back in November.

Looks like DC and Marvel fans might have to wait for a long, long time for Millar to consider returning to Marvel and DC.

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