Legend of Zelda Fan Builds Twilight Princess Hyrule Castle Out of LEGO Bricks

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Legend of Zelda fan and LEGO enthusiast Joseph Zawada spent two-and-a-half years to build this Twilight Princess Hyrule Castle replica made out of LEGO bricks, and it looks awesome!

The masterpiece was showcased at BrickFair Virginia 2015, and it took two full car loads to transport this creation to various events. The castle comes apart intoforty  different larger pieces, including four massive pieces for the base. Beyond the Brick released a video featuring this marvelous castle. 


Zawada said: the hardest part to build on the castle was the roof of the towers and the keep because LEGO bricks aren't really designed for the unique structures of the tower's roofs in Twilight Princess, so it it took a lot of ingenuity to create that look. 

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