Leaked Image Claims to Reveal What Nintendo NX Looks Like

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We've been hearing a lot of rumors about Nintendo's next console, codenamed NX, including information about its split D-pad, Share button, and portable TV dock, but none of them revealed any images that would give us an idea what it actually looks like. Now, a mysterious tweet shared yesterday appears to be an image of what Nintendo's new console will look like. Check out the image below:

The image seems to contradict earlier reports that the system will feature detachable controllers on the sides. It doesn't appear to include detachable controllers. The design also doesn't definitely confirm reports that the new console will return to cartridge-based media. The back is not shown but it doesn't appear to use cartridges.

Digitalspy reports that the image posted by the user @guythefighter, whose description of the picture, after translating it on Google Translate, states:

"Announcements or from Nintendo, will tell the update information of the home page, Please pardon because it does not have to answer to you questions and inquiries."

They apparently don't have further information about the image, and the tweet doesn't really provide any details about where the image came from. Fans have been waiting for the new console since Nintendo announced that they're making one, but the company has been secretive about it.