17 Jul 2020 2:37 PM +00:00 UTC

Leaked Call of Duty 2020 Title Hints at a Big Franchise Return

Call of Duty has always been a franchise many gamers have enjoyed due to its enjoyable mechanics and great online multiplayer. This is why fans were pretty curious about Call of Duty 2020 since a.) Activision annoyingly needs to release one game a year and b.) Modern Warfare (2019) was a nice surprise so expectations have been raised. It seems like the 2020 game has been leaked, somewhat, as something called The Red Door has made its way to Xbox One.

What happens when you check out The Red Door? You get something called Call of Duty Black Ops CIA, giving us another interesting reuse of a well-known title. It worked for Modern Warfare and we're happy to see the title return to its roots since games like Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4 went off track.

No joke, Black Ops 3 is set in the future and Black Ops 4 is a full-fledged (and well-done) Battle Royale game.


There's a good chance that we'll get an official reveal of the game fairly soon since Activision is going to have to start marketing this game to everyone soon. Call of Duty 2020 does have fans curious about an actual Black Ops revival since, let's face it, these games have lacked a bit of variety in terms of gameplay. Going for a bigger stealth focus could be something that makes this series feel fresh again.

Expect more details on Call of Duty 2020 sooner or later.

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