Last of Us Part 2’s New Villains Said to be a Homophobic Religious Cult

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While we know that Ellie will be the protagonist of The Last of Us Part II, the entire plot of the game is still shrouded in mystery. What's interesting is, we may have information on the new villains of the game, a cult group called the Seraphites.


According to a now-deleted leak on 4chan (via Pink News), the Seraphites are said to be a cult group that believes themselves to be ‘angels' and that the zombie plague is the cause of ‘sinners'. They are kind of based on white supremacist groups, and most of the members are usually ‘white males with shaven heads' and deem anyone outside their clan as ‘wolves' (members are called ‘lambs').

What's also interesting is, it's said that this clan of people are actually immune to the spores, and that their initiation involves them cutting a member on the cheek with an infected knife. Ellie's parents are also said to be members of the group.

Of course, seeing that the source is 4chan, we should take this with a huge grain of salt, but the story kind of lines up with what we've seen before; and if the dystopian genre has taught us anything, weird cult groups are always expected with these apocalypse stories. I don't know if this helps as well, but the leaker claims that he's ‘the immediate family member' of someone working on the game.

If you want to read the full leak, you can check out the screenshots here.


For now, COVID-19 has led to The Last of Us Part II being delayed, but fingers crossed it comes out sometime this year.

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