Kylo Ren Cat Owner Invites Adam Driver To Visit His Doppelganger

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We've seen the emo Kylo Ren on Twitter, Adam Driver's SNL Undercover Boss skit, and now, there's a cat out there named for his Star Wars: The Force Awakens character.

Cat owner Emily McCombs even said that the resemblance is "pretty uncanny" thanks to their shared "weird little face.". She named her 2-year-old Balinese "Catam Driver,". As she told TIME, "When I see him, I see a unique, interesting looking face that's very funny. I think when you look at him, you fall in love with that weird little face." McCombs just adopted the cat on Monday, as photos of the cat started going viral. The Brooklyn resident told TIME the actor can come visit his alter ego at any time. "Adam Driver is a likeable guy. If he ever wants to come meet his doppelgänger, he's welcome to."

Apparently the feline Kylo is not villainous like Kylo. "He has the exact opposite of Kylo Ren's personality," McCombs said. "He is the opposite of villainous. So many people have fallen in love with the way he looks, and obviously I did too, but once I got him home, it turns out he has the most amazing personality. He's loving and sweet. He's a supreme snuggler."