Kuroko no Basuke New Teaser Shows Off Jabberwock’s Gold & Silver

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There's still a good few months of waiting before Kuroko no Basuke The Movie: Last Game debuts. And while we have seen the first visual of the Generation of Miracles, Kuroko, and Kagami in their Vorpal Swords uniforms, a new teaser shows promotional teasers of the seven with two more players.

These include Jabberwock's team captain Nash Gold Jr. and team center Jason Silver, the two geniuses of the American street basketball team.


We essentially also get to see the Jabberwock's uniform, which features a black and green theme. Gold looks very badass and just plain bad-guy, where he's rocking that stretch of tribal tattoo from his neck down the left side of his arm. Silver looks like a more extreme version of Eikichi Nebuya—with a shock of white hair and some ear piercings.

The video doesn't give a glimpse of the other three players, Zack, Nick, and Allen. Technically, the two geniuses of the team are Gold and Silver, wherein they were described in Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game as being in an entirely different league as the Kiseki no Sedai.

The film will be under the care of Tadatoshi Fujimaki as chief supervisor creating an original episode for the movie, Anime News Network reported. Shunsuke Tada will be back for another last round to direct the movie, following his work on the three seasons for the anime series.

This isn't the final run for the Kuroko no Basuke franchise. Three compilations films, which have begun showing since September in Japan, are set to continue until December.

Kuroko no Basuke The Movie: Last Game will be released in spring 2017.

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