Krillin and Gohan Make Unusual Wishes in This Ford Fusion Commercial

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Ford just captured the interests of the geek community with this new commercial for 2016 Ford Focus. The ad features Dragon Ball Z characters Gohan and Krillin asking the dragon to grant them three wishes, and they ends up getting Ford's new model. 

Dragon Ball Z’s Krillin and Gohan have three wishes… but who needs three wishes when you can have the complete package in a 2016 Ford Focus?
The Focus has a lot to offer. Yes, it’s a great drive – responsive and fun. But it’s also the most equipped Focus to date, with features that deliver more by design – from comfort to convenience. With a standard Rearview Camera, EPA estimated 42 highway miles per gallon* and optional Sony audio system**, the 2016 Ford Focus delivers on convenience and fun.



This is the kind of nostalgic commercial that gets our attention, and I hope we'll see more of them featuring anime characters.