Kojima Says Death Stranding Will Be Released in 2018, May Feature Heroine

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During Hideo Kojima's on-stage Q&A session at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 on Sunday, the legendary game designer told the crowd that Death Stranding is due for release in 2018, IGN reports.

"It will be out before the Olympics," Kojima said, referring to the Tokyo 2020 Games. He continued, "To go a little further, there is a movie called Akira, and it will be out before the year in which Akira is set."

The anime classic AKIRA was set in 2019 ,so "before" the film would put Death Stranding's launch date at sometime during 2018.


So far, the only publicly revealed talent in Death Stranding is The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, but Kojima said that the game will also feature a female protagonist. However, casting is still underway, so we will don't know who's playing the heroine.

Kojima did drop some info about Reedus' role: "This game will show a different side of Norman Reedus than fans of The Walking Dead might expect,"

When asked whether Reedus had posed nude in body-capture sessions for the game's trailer, Kojima replied, "No, he was wearing underwear, unfortunately."

During the event, Kojima also took the opportunity to distance himself from Konami's spin-off Metal Gear Survive.