Kim Chung Ha Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors With Recent Appearance

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Kim Chung Ha seemingly joined the growing number of K-pop idols who opt to undergo plastic surgeries to enhance their features.

In the past years, the rise of the K-pop industry in the world also raised speculative theories about whether some of these idols achieved their picture-perfect feature naturally or with the help of plastic surgeries. In fact, the growing number of cases in the country made it the world's plastic surgery capital.

Although these idols already normalized the use of cosmetic surgeries, they still often surprise their fans with their "new look" during their comebacks. Kim Chung Ha, for instance, made people turn their heads with her recent transformation.

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Kim Chung Ha Seemingly Underwent Plastic Surgery


On Friday, Kim Chung Ha appeared on Park Myung Soo's YouTube channel. The nearly 12-minute video shows the comedian welcoming the idol – who is initially wearing a mask – to his online show.

However, soon after the idol removed her mask, fans began to speculate that Kim Chung Ha looked different compared to her past appearances and interviews. Internet users particularly noted that something was off with her, claiming that the singer probably changed something in her face.

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In an online community, people assumed she had a lip injection, while others said her eyes also looked different. Meanwhile, others maintained that Kim Chung Ha only lost some weight.

Regardless of what she has done with her face, some fans asked people to stop bothering the K-pop idol and let her do what she wants with her life.

Not The First Plastic Surgery Rumor

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Although receiving a procedure or treatment ahead of her Killing Me comeback is somewhat expected, Kim Chung Ha suffered from more previous accusations.

Last year, internet users compared her current looks with her face during the Produce 101 era. The K-pop soloist's fans still commended her transformation, but others criticized her visuals and asked her to stop having lip and chin fillers.

She received the same hate in March 2020 when she uploaded her selfies at the Seoul Music Awards.

Nevertheless, fans of Kim Chung Ha remain supportive of her and continue to give her positive messages on all her social media platforms.

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