Killer Robot Soldiers Could Threaten Our Existence

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Autonomous weapons could destroy us all.

Autonomous weapons experts are worried that it could be too late before governments realize the huge risks of the new technology. Last week, experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland warned governments to act now and limit any risks, according to the Washington Post.

Right now, the technology on autonomous weapons is young. The new technology is able to make weapons find and kill enemies without human control. Autonomous weapons appear in a wide variety of forms including robot soldiers and drones.


The aim of these weapons is to prevent more human deaths by having no human soldiers during battle.

But there's a downside – a big one.

The technology hasn't gone mainstream yet and it is still in the early stages of development, but with the rapidity of its advancement, it won't be too long before the technology is made to terrorists.

According to Stuart Russell, a computer science professor at the University of California-Berkeley and Angela Kane, a senior fellow at the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation who was once a U.N. representative for disarmament affairs, time is running out.

All hell could break loose and the weapons could become killer robots, which don't need expensive materials to make.

Russell said:

Being attacked by an army of Terminators is a piece of cake when compared to being attacked by this kind of weapon. We're [talking] about systems that weigh less than an ounce, that can fly faster than a person can run, can blow holes in their heads with one gram of shape-charge explosive, and can be launched in the millions.

Russell and Kane estimate that it could be a matter of years before all hell could break loose. They fear that autonomous weapons could

Russell and Kane are now calling scientists, governments and the artificial intelligence industry to make a move. However, little to no action has been done to prevent the risks.

Kane said:

You have a very glacial pace of international negotiations. They haven't even really started. The pace at looking at this issue in terms of international law is far behind [the technology].

Russell added:

Do you think ISIS needs their drones to be that reliable in discriminating civilians from soldiers? No. 80 percent is pretty good for military equipment. So I think that would be very easily achievable with present-day technology.

This makes me think of how the stormtroopers had once been the good guys and how quickly they moved on to the Dark Side with an evil overlord like Darth Sidious.

If these killer robots are as easily swayed as the stormtroopers, the Russell and Kane's fears could come true.