Kilgrave Haunts Jessica Jones In Season 2 Set Photos

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with the character dying in the first season, fans were wondering just how exactly Kilgrave was going to come back. Some set photos have actually revealed Tennant, and it looks like he'll be coming back as a "ghost" to haunt Jessica and her assistant Malcolm.

Check out the photos:


Looking closely at the photos, I'm actually curious if Kilgrave really is dead or if he has somehow managed to take control of others in a new form. That would definitely make him a lot harder to stop this time around, and Jessica's super-strength won't be able to do anything about. It was hard enough having to convince everyone of Kilgrave's existence when he was alive.

Though mind-control is a superpower as old as flight, I think Jessica Jones was able to handle it in a way that made it truly terrifying and David Tennant's performance definitely sends chills down your spine. Out of all the Netflix villains, Kilgrave is actually the most rotten, and he makes the Kingpin look like a decent enough fellow.

No specific release date has been announced for Jessica Jones season two, but you can expect her to appear in Marvel's The Defenders coming this Friday.

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