Kevin Feige Decided To Delete Bloody Captain America Scene From Avengers: Infinity War

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One of the minor disappointments about Avengers: Infinity War was probably the fact that Captain America didn't appear until the middle of the film. However, it has just been revealed that Steve Rogers almost showed up early on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick but his scene was deleted since Kevin Feige thought it was too bloody.

The revelation comes from Infinity War writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus. The screenwriters admitted to IGN that an early version of the script had a scene that was rejected by the Marvel Studios Chief Creative Officer.

"There was one scene, it was in Infinity War," Markus said. "We wrote it, we didn't shoot it. It was part and parcel of a whole thing where we realized we were picking up the characters too early in their arc before Thanos had gotten to them."

That doesn't seem so bad so far, right? However, it gets a little too gory when Steve finally sits down for a meal.

"It was a scene of basically Widow and Falcon and Cap in hiding post-Civil War and they'd just been through a big fight with criminals, and Cap was eating mashed potatoes, and Falcon says 'You're bleeding into your mashed potatoes.' He looks at him like…yeah he is bleeding into his mashed potatoes. I remember Kevin [Feige] going, 'He's bleeding into his mashed potatoes?! I don't want to see that!' Yeah, maybe we went a little too…something."

Yikes, that's not exactly something we want to see, either. Luckily, Markus and McFeely decided against the scene and came up with a better way to bring Cap back in Infinity War because bloody mashed potatoes are just too gross.

The next Marvel film will be Black Widow, which is scheduled for release on May 1, 2020.

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