Kevin Conroy Reveals His Favorite Live-Action Batman

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Kevin Conroy has revealed his top picks for both his favorite live-action Batman and his favorite Bruce Wayne, Screen Geek reports. Conroy famously voiced the Dark Knight in Batman: The Animated Series and continues to voice him to this day. Previously, he criticizedBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for having Ben Affleck's Batman kill.

That's why it may come as surprise to some that Affleck appears to be his top pick for best live-action Batman. He said, "I think Ben Affleck – a lot of people gave him a lot of crap for getting cast. People on Twitter were going crazy about it and I said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Give him a chance." I think he surprised a lot of people. He's really wonderful. He does really well on both Batman and Bruce Wayne."

Conroy had both praise a criticism for Christian Bale's performance as Batman. He said, "I think Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne was probably the best Bruce Wayne". However, he also said, " I think the voice he used for Batman was bizarre." Conroy is not alone there, a lot of people have criticized Bale's gutteral growl while in the Batsuit as over-the-top and hard to understand.

Conroy admitted he initially thought it was strange that so many different actors were playing Batman in the movie-verse. "When I first heard they were going to have different actors, well I thought – that's really weird. Why don't they establish a franchise?" However, he saw that "Each actor brings such a different art to the character. It's really fun."

Conroy also gave his opinion on the different versions of Batman's eternal nemesis, The Joker. His top pick was Mark Hamill, who voiced the character in Batman: the Animated series and beyond. He said, "I thought was "hands down" the most incredible Joker." However, he came the view Heath Ledger's Joker in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight as perhaps equally good. "But then we saw what Heath Ledger did, and wow this just a crazy amount of crazy. He's not better than Mark but he's just another kind of crazy, you know," Conroy explained.

It's interesting to hear Conroy's opinions on the different versions of Batman because for many, his version is the best version. It's certainly the one I tend to default to. What about you? Do you agree with Conroy? Who's your favorite Batman and Joker?

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