Kevin Conroy Open To Playing A Live-Action Older Bruce Wayne From Batman Beyond

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Though he may not be as buff and built as Ben Affleck, Kevin Conroy has provided the voice of one of the most iconic portrayals of Batman in pop-culture, and some people are curious if he would ever consider playing the role live-action.

Talking to ComicBookMovie, Conroy said:

"Well, let's start a writing campaign before I get too old… It would be so much fun! No, at this point, I'd have to be old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond or something like that."

At the age of 61, Conroy would be close to the right age to play an old and grumpy Bruce Wayne, and I can see everything make sense with DC planning films outside of the main DCEU. It would be fun to see a young and spry Terry McGinnis learning the ropes of becoming Batman from an older and grizzled Bruce—something out of The Mask of Zorro.

In the original cartoon, Bruce Wayne had grown too old for crime fighting, and after suffering a heart attack in the middle of a brawl, he had to resort to using a gun to fend away a criminal—an act which tells Bruce that it's time to stop being Batman.

Check it out here:

Of course, Warner Bros hasn't talked about any plans on adapting Batman Beyond, but with Conroy's iconic run as the character, he's due for an appearance on the big screen.


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