Keanu Reeves' New Comic BRZRKR Recreates Sad Keanu Meme

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Keanu Reeves is working on his first-ever comic, BRZRKR. Teaming up with artist Ron Garney, the actor pokes fun at himself by recreating a popular meme for the comic.

BOOM! Studios, BRZRKR'S publishing company, has recently launched a Kickstarter for the project. One of the pages features the titular hero looking sad, sitting on a park bench. As fans of The Matrix alum may know well, this reminisces that of the "Sad Keanu" meme that went viral years ago.

The meme originated from a post on Reddit back in 2010 when a paparazzi picture of Reeves got around, showing the actor looking sad while eating a sandwich, sitting on a park bench. Since then, multiple jokes have spiraled along with edited versions of the photo. The only difference between the meme and the one from the comic is that he's out in the rain.

Venom scribe Donny Cates, who spoke with Reeves while he was working on BRZRKR, revealed that the actor thought it would be funny if the meme was recreated in the comic. You can check out his post below and see the comparison for yourself.


It's delightful to see Reeves showing off his good sense of humor, it's also clever to add such a fun Easter egg to his comic.

BRZRKR follows a half-mortal and half-God named Berzerker, who has an undeniably striking resemblance to Reeves, as he tries to seek out vengeance and take on some of the U.S. government's most dangerous assignments. The comic is set to arrive in 12 chapters starting in September 2021.

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