Katee Sackhoff To Reprise Role as Bo-Katan in Star Wars Rebels

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We're only a couple of weeks away from the premiere of a new Star Wars Rebels season, which will feature appearances by fan favorite characters such as Darth Maul, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Wedge Antilles. We'll also see the return of Katee Sackhoff, best known for playing Starback in Battlestar Galactica, appeared at Oz Comic Con in Sydney, Australia and confirmed that she would be reprising her role as Bo-Katan from Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Star Wars Rebels. She told the crowd that she already recorded lines for an upcoming episode of the animated series.

In Death Watch on The Clone Wars, Bo-Katan was Pre Vizsla's must trusted lieutenant. After Darth Maul killed Vizsla, Bo-Katan rejected Maul's leadership and lead the resistance against him. The third of Rebels will feature a large Mandolorian presence, and it's good to know that it will feature Bo-Katan.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will premiere on September 24 at 8:30 pm with the two-part episode Steps Into Shadow on Disney XD.

Source:Sci Fi Central Australia

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