Kate Mara Jokes About Fantastic Four's Failure, Says She's Never Seen The Film

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Josh Trank's Fantastic Four was a huge failure, and actress Kate Mara, who made her superhero debut as the Invisible Woman in this movie, has a sense of humor about it.

ET Online interviewed Mara alongside two of her The Martian co-stars Sebastian Stan of Captain America and Michael Peña of Ant-Man.


"Mine was the biggest success," Mara joked. "I just want to put it out there."

When Stan admits that he hasn't seen Fantastic Four, Mara said, "Neither did the rest of the world."

Mara hasn't even seen the final cut. When asked about Trank's earlier version of the film, which he had claimed was much better than the theatrical cut, Mara said, "I didn't even see the one that's out there."

Hopefully, Mara will find more success in Ridley Scott's The Martian, opening in theaters on October 2.