Kate Bishop as Hawkeye Gets Her Own Solo Series

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Kate Bishop,who debuted as Hawkeye in Young Avengers, has been a very popular character and now she's getting her own solo series, io9 reports.The new Hawkeye title will be written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Leonard Romero and Jordie Bellaire. Kate was previously a co-star alongside the other Hawkeye, Clint Barton, in Matt Fraction's Hawkeye title, but this is her first solo series.

In an interview, Thompson reviews that the series will find Kate in L.A, "Venice Beach, specifically", where she'll be working as a "P.I.-slash-superhero". "She's there on a personal mission that's a bit of a mystery, but as always with superheroes she gets caught up in doing some good, and as always with P.I.s there's a dame with nice stems involved!"

Thompson states that with Fraction's Hawkeye run and Kieron Gillen's Young Avengers run cementing her as a beloved character, Kate getting her own series was the logical next step. "And it was just fortuitous timing that the Kate book we were developing wound up being the only solo Hawkeye book." She says that in the wake of her mentor Clint Barton's murder of a comrade and subsequent trial Kate is "emotionally a bit spent" and needing a "clean break".


Thompson reveals she pitched the book as "Veronica Mars with superheroes". She says, "Kate will be taking on P.I. cases – both her own personal mission that brought her back to L.A., and the clients she finds – but you can't take the superhero out of Kate, nor would we want to. She's an archer first and foremost. " She goes on to say that "Being an archer makes Kate a better P.I., and being a P.I. makes Kate a better superhero."

When asked about the very popular friendship (and romance hoped-for by many) between America Chavez and Kate, Thompson said she loves the relationship and is doing everything she can to get America in the book.

Hawkeye will be launching in December. Here are the covers for issue #1:

Thompson has really been getting to done this year, as she's also working on A-Force, Jem and the Holograms, Misfits and other titles. She's always been a great writer and I love Kate Bishop as a character, so I'm definitely looking forward to this title. What about you?

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