Kaldheim Now Available on Magic: The Gathering Arena; Here's How to Get 3 Free Packs

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Kaldheim, the new Norse mythology-inspired Magic: The Gathering set, is now availalbe on Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online ahead of its tabletop release.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

The 86th Magic expansion features new mechanics: Foretell and Boast, and returning mechanics: Changeling, Sagas, Snow, Vehicles, and Modal Double-Faced Cards (MDFC). It also features tribal themes that represent each of the 10 realms of the Kaldheim plane.


You can watch the cinematic trailer for Kaldheim here:

Each MTG Arena account can also unlock three Kaldheim booster packs in Magic Arena by entering the code "playkaldheim" in the game's store. You can check out list of all the free MTG Arena codes here.


You should be able to play the new Viking-themed expansion after the scheduled maintenance today. Limited and Constructed events will be available with the new Kaldheim cards, and the new set is also available in the early access mobile version for Android devices.

The tabletop version of Kaldheim won't be released until Feb. 5.

Are you excited to play Kaldheim on MTG Arena?

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