27 Nov 2017 5:42 PM +00:00 UTC

Justice League: Warner Bros Was Seeking To Replace Kiersey Clemons As Iris West

Kiersey Clemons was originally supposed to play the Flash's love interest Iris West when Rick Famuwiya was still attached to direct the solo movie. Clemons actually had a short role in Justice League, but her scene was cut. Now news has it that WB was actually planning to replace her with another actress digitally.

During an AMA on Reddit, a VFX artist who works on the film commented:

"I've said before, we were replacing Clemons with a digital woman in the shot—Clemons was brought on because of Famuyiwa, when he bailed, it meant WB could recast her. That's around the time the shot was cut. Now it's been leaked online with her in it, they'll probably stop all the work being done on it to replace her to stop fan backlash."


Clemons definitely has the leaked footage to thank for cementing her role in the DCEU. Just imagine, if the shot didn't leak, she would have just been replaced by someone else. Then again, the same artist also commented that because of the leaked footage, we may not get an extended cut of Justice League.

For now, it seems that Clemons is still onboard to star as West in the Flash solo movie, and though we still don't have a director for the project, it's said that Warner Bros is close to finding someone to take the helm.

No official release date has been announced for the Flash movie, but you can catch him in Justice League now in theaters.

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