Justice League: There's A Neat Easter Egg About David Bowie And Prince

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Despite being set in its own universe, the DCEU still manages to make subtle nods at the modern day. With Batman v Superman supposedly taking place in 2016, Justice League has this neat Easter Egg (via ComicBook) that connects the death of Superman to those of David Bowie and Prince.

Check it out:


2016 was rife with celebrity deaths which included the likes of Carrie Fisher and Alan Rickman. Bowie and Prince were also in that list of losses, and I think it's cool that the movie found a way to make a subtle nod to them.

Despite what the critics are saying, I'm really interested with the world that Zack Snyder has built with the DCEU. Sure Marvel has been making more money in the box office, but DC actually shows us some real world consequences when we are introduced to a world of superheroes. Not everyone is going to be happy that there's a Superman, and a lot of people would definitely be rallying for him to go back to his home planet. Where were the picket signs when Loki straight up destroys New York in the first Avengers movie?

Though he's been absent from a lot of the marketing, we're sure to see Henry Cavill return in Justice League as Superman. Let's just hope that Snyder and his team have finally found a good balance of the character that pleases fans but makes Superman interesting as well.

Catch Justice League in theaters Nov. 17.

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